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Spider-man magazine

I well remember the day when my child saw on TV advertising of the new children's magazine «Spider-Man. Once said — we take!

The first issue of the journal came with 2 sets of playing cards with characters from comic book „Spider-Man“, many of whom knew of the child of the same name мультику. Here was the announcement — in the second edition will be a special trunk for storage cards.


Cost compared to the first issue rose from 64 rubles to 95 rubles.

Since in subsequent issues of the journal has had only one set of cards (8 pieces) and then the trunk, respectively, filled very slowly. Here, the producers do not disappoint — this is you, please, extra sets of playing cards for 60 rubles.

Given that now in our collection has 206 cards, it is clear that this is a fairly expensive hobby for my purse.


But not without a smile and tenderness to look at it like a baby every night goes through their wealth, counts, arranges for some one his wingman rules, calls up with friends to swap cards again falling.

Sometimes I join in his games. In addition to the game rules, as described in the journal, we create and own. For instance, invented the game „The amount of three“: handing out cards to each other, then both out and put three cards and believe the characters in one of the pre-selected categories of „heroism“, „atrocity“ or „danger“. Who has more, that takes all the cards.

As for the characters depicted on the cards, then here you can meet:

and rather vile creatures (Man-Thing, toxins, worms reason, etc.):


and half-naked beauties (Shanna, Beauty, Iskra — straight child porn kind):


and heroes with „chudnenkimi“ names (Scavengers, The Punisher, Mary Mallon, etc.)


and quite charming and funny characters (Howard the duck, walrus, magnificent man-pack, etc.)

Sam journal „Spider-Man“ and many other magazines, comics particular content is different. The only section that even learned something — is „drawing lessons“. But from room to room description of a specific figure of the hero differs only in the final touches.

There is a true and positive moments. For children 5-6 years old, who only acquainted with the basics of mathematics game cards big helpers. First acquaintance with one, two, three-digit numbers. Secondly, the comparison of numbers — more-less.

Well, at least some use!
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  • 2 ноября 2009, 09:58
  • serg

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